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Open Source and the Internet of Things: A Growing Companionship It was recently revealed that Linux-powered drones were released that has unveiled a new frontier for open source software. Drone control, once limited to proprietary software, has now entered the open source realm. This opens up new possibilities of more flexible platforms for many Internet-connected objects as well as sparking conversation among the open source community about its potential relationship with the Internet of Things (IoT). Open source software has allowed drone builders and programmers to create a platform using a free open source software development kit. In some cases, individuals can operate drones from a smartphone or tablet and include sophisticated features in the drone’s operating system, such as gyroscopes, cameras, altimeters and GPS. Open software development kits have the pot... (more)

First Open Source GPU Could Change Future of Computing | @CloudExpo #Cloud

Researchers at Binghamton University recently became the first to create an open source graphics processor unit (GPU). The GPU they created, called Nyami, is appropriate for general purposes as well as graphics-specific work. Nyami is significant in the research, computing and open source communities because it marks the first time open source has been used to design a GPU, as well as the first time a research team was able to test how different hardware and software configurations affect GPU performance. The results of the experiments the researchers performed are now part of the... (more)

The Best of the Best: How Open Source Is Creating ‘Super’ Apps

Imagine you’re the general manager for a baseball team in an independent league. Wanting to put together the strongest team possible, you take ballplayers from all parts of the country—and the world—rather than fielding nine local men.  That’s because the best players aren’t concentrated in the same area, generally speaking. By taking the best of what each region has to offer, you’re able to field a team the sum of which is greater than its parts. Applying the same philosophy to software development, many programmers are leveraging open source code when building websites, conten... (more)

Enterprise Open Source Adoption Gets a Boost With Improved Security

While organizations across a variety of spectrums, including both government and the enterprise,  are increasingly drawn toward open source solutions because of the variety of benefits the technology affords, some have been reluctant to embrace them due to security concerns. But one open-source-inspired company is doing its best to alleviate that anxiety. Hortonworks, a California-based open source company, is attempting to enhance the security functionality of Hadoop, its open source database toolkit. In doing so, Hortonworks believes Hadoop will become a core technology across ... (more)

The debate over licensing, evolution and artificial intelligence…

…are all covered in this week’s compendium of open source news! Death of OSS licensing dead or in its prime? Recently, technology writer Matt Asay wrote an article in InfoWorld heralding the death of open source licensing.  OSI president Simon Phipps fired back by declaring open source licensing more important than ever.  Phipps sates that using a (preferably OSI approved) licensed project is especially important in cases of distributed and commercial development.   Read the rest of Phipps’ argument at InfoWorld, or read our thoughts on the subject here.    Open source Darwinism... (more)